Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NEW Loisaides CD Review,,Mucha Bachata!!!

Ok,,a little about Loisaides,, Aquiles Nunez & Isaiah Parker make up the Hottest Urban Bachata Duo about to EXPLODE!! They are from Manhattan’s Lower East Side and get ready,Loisaides takes it to a Whole 'nother LEVEL!!!A few years ago,the term was "So Nasty",now become accustomed to "Mucha Bachata".These guys are FIRE and I personally have been looking forward to their debut release.The debut release is self titled Loisaides and is 11 tracks of Bachata Bliss!
I have been playing their tracks for a while now in Dallas since I discovered them.The response on the dance floor has been intense and immediate.Quite often people don't dance to songs they are not familiar with but when I play any Loisaides track I have in rotation,the response is the same.Everyone get's their Bachata on,from beginners to pros,the dance floor goes up 20 degrees and people rush to find a Bachata partner!!!Loisaides' new album is now on itunes and Amazon so cop the album now before all your friends do,You'll be glad you did.Mucha Bachata,,coming to a Dancefloor near you.--=)

My favorite tracks from their debut album
self titled-Loisaides
(in no particluar order)
-Ayer--Aw Man,,one listen and you'll understand.
-Contigo-Aw man,one listen and you'll understand
-No Me Dejes--Aw man,one listen and you'll understand
-Una Pintura--Aw man,one listen and you'll understand
-Seduceme--Aw man,one listen and you'll understand

Also on itunes
-Por Que Te Amo-Aw man,one listen and you'll understand


LoisaidaS-- "Porque Te Amo"